Every Dollar Spreads Awareness

Find out more about our non-profit organization fundraisers in Phoenix, AZ

You can make sure every child feels loved and protected when you team up with The CARE Organization in Phoenix, AZ. Our non-profit organization's fundraisers don't just spread awareness - they go on to make a tangible impact. All proceeds collected go toward supplying needed resources to at-risk children and raising preventive measures within the community and beyond.

We take donations year-round. To learn how you can get involved with our non-profit organization's fundraising efforts, reach out to us today.

Your donations make an impact

When you donate to one of our non-profit organization's fundraisers in Phoenix, AZ, you're changing the life of a child and their family. The CARE Organization exists to make sure every child grows up in a safe and loving environment that encourages their potential. All proceeds from our fundraisers go to help fight child victims of sex trafficking, abuse, poverty and hunger. These funds will go towards supplies such as:

  • Food
  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Supplies

  • Education

Every child deserves to know they're cared for. Chat with us to learn more about our non-profit organization's fundraising events.